3GN Training Instructors

Meet Joe Farewell

Joe Farewell, of Farewell Firearms Training, has been a competitor in USPSA and 3-Gun for over 7 years. He is dedicated to constant self-improvement and encouraging others to build their skills. At matches Joe is often found helping newer shooters learn the ropes of competitive shooting.

In 2013, Joe launched his career in Law Enforcement where he discovered his passion for teaching. Joe is currently an instructor at his department covering firearms, close quarters force-on-force, and building entries, among other topics. He has attended numerous training schools and runs much of the advanced training for the department’s Emergency Response Team.

Joe started Farewell Firearms Training in 2016 and offers instruction for all shooters, from novice to advanced. With his background in law enforcement and experience at the top tier of competition, Joe has a well rounded and practical approach to firearms training.

Meet Keith Garcia

Keith has been a California police officer for 23 years, serving as a Field Training Officer, SWAT Team Leader and Firearms instructor. In 2004, Keith started competitive shooting; primarily entering handgun and LEO only SWAT matches. In 2008, he began shooting 3 Gun competitions. Keith won the first ever “3 Gun Nation” shoot-off in 2010 and repeated it in 2011. During the 2012 season he won the first ever “Pro Series” match in Florida. Following the Pro Series win, Keith won the 3 Gun National Championship in 2013 and was awarded a $50,000 prize. Keith has won two USPSA multigun championships and the 3 Gun Nation National Championships in 2016.

Meet Tina Martin-Nimms

Tina “Sparky” Martin-Nims is a mother of 3, military spouse, scientist, and firearms instructor.

She started shooting 15 years ago. Her 1st date with her husband ended at the range and she keep him and the guns! The passion for shooting grew quickly leading to IDPA & USPSA monthly matches. But she rarely saw other female shooters at the range competing beside her. She wondered why which quickly turned into how can I change that? What started with teaching fellow military spouses how to safely handle firearms in their homes has grown to Tina being a certified NRA firearms instructor and NC Conceal Carry Instructor. She runs an A Girl & A Gun Shooting Chapter, is an invited instructor at National Conferences, instructor at AG&AG 3G University. She specializes in teaching female shooters and understands the biomechanical and mental differences of female shooters.

Her goal is to embody each student with the tools to compete successfully while empowering them in all aspects of their life.

Tina also enjoys bring a range master for Boy Scouts of America Shooting Events, hiking, sewing, and being a 2nd Amendment Advocate.

Meet Mike Sexton

Mike Sexton is a 20 year Marine Corps veteran retiring in 1992 as a Chief Warrant Officer.

Since retiring Mike became a competitive shooter competing in IDPA, USPSA, and 3-Gun for over 20 years. Mike has also attended numerous military and civilian training academies. He is a certified NRA firearms instructor teaching pistol, rifle, and shotgun courses in both competition and personal defense for 18 years.

Mike is currently the Range Master for the 3-Gun Nation Regional events and the Match Director for the Upstate 3 Gun matches.

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